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5 Reasons Why Now Is The Right Time For Spider/Varicose Vein Treatment

Every minute of every day we are confronted with choices. After years of practice, we’ve all become experts at existential triage: sorting the needs from wants; prioritizing the should-do’s from the like-to’s.

When it comes to vein disease…along with other relentlessly progressive medical issues…it’s really in your best interest, and the interest of those who love and depend on you…for you to consider bumping your concerns to the top of the list.

The biggest misconception about vein disease is that it’s purely a vanity issue. At worst, Deep vein diseases such as Deep Vein Thrombosis can kill. At best, Superficial vein disease can negatively impact on patient’s daily activities: emotionally (affecting their self-perception, fashion choices and intimacy with others) as well as physically (limiting activities that they need or love to do).

The biggest barriers to seeking treatment that I’ve encountered seem to be based on a number of key misconceptions:

My mission is to reach as many people as possible…other doctors included…and dispel each and every one of those misconceptions.

You want to know the truth? Here’s 5 Reasons Why Now Is A GREAT Time To Get Your Spider & Varicose Veins Evaluated By A Vein Specialist (like me!):

1. Spider & Varicose Veins At The Surface May Signal Deeper Problems.

If you think of the superficial venous system in your lower extremities as a tree, the spidery or bulging (varicose) veins at the surface are like little “leaves” or “branches”. These, in turn, are connected to deeper “trunks”.

Patients with a significant family history of vein disease (men and women) and women with multiple pregnancies are among those who are more vulnerable to develop problems with flow in such trunks.

Rather than limiting the focus on the surface, vein specialists like me are trained to assess and treat the deeper trunks in the hopes of reducing symptoms and improving the cosmetic outcome of their patient’s treatment course.

Untreated flow abnormalities in trunks may lead to significant problems over time.

Like in every aspect of life, It’s always better to be Proactive rather than Reactive. Carpe diem and Carpe Venam.

To Learn More About Superficial Venous Disease, Click Here

2. State-of-the-Art Vein Treatments Are EFFECTIVE and LASTING.

Surgical treatment of superficial vein disease is, thankfully, an outmoded thing of the past. In my practice, all of my patients are presented with minimally-invasive, maximally-comfortable varicose vein treatment and spider vein treatment options.

Diagnosing significant underlying disease simply involves a painless, informative ultrasound study. This allows me to target the specific abnormal vein segments and tailor a treatment regimen specific to each patient’s unique set of problems.

Modern treatments such as Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA), Clarivein® and Sclerotherapy are highly effective at treating superficial venous disease and recurrence rates are very low. Effects are mainly permanent.

To learn more about such treatments, click HERE

3. Vein Treatments Are Safe & Comfortable.

Once diagnosed, TREATMENT OF SUPERFICIAL VEIN DISEASE NO LONGER REQUIRES STRIPPING BY A SURGEON IN AN OPERATING ROOM. All of my patients are treated in an outpatient setting.


My patients are presented with options that either require only local anesthetic or no anesthetic whatsoever!

That means patients are free to listen to music, chat with me, keep up with Facebook posts…whatever.

Risks of treatments are all very low. Vein treatment safety is ensured largely due to modern equipment (such as ultrasound-guidance), my thorough process of patient selection and extensive experience in minimally-invasive endovenous procedures.

After procedures, no narcotic medications are required for pain control. The strongest medication I ever need to recommend is an anti-inflammatory, similar to Alleve®. Most patients only need to use medications for a few days.

4. Vein Treatments Are Convenient.

THERE IS NO DOWNTIME with any treatments I provide. You can resume most routine activities IMMEDIATELY after treatments. I encourage patients to be active…walk as much as you like! You can certainly drive yourself to and from your appointments with no trouble (other than the horrible traffic we face everyday!).

Most treatments can be completed within an hour or less: these are things you can accomplish during a lunch break from work…and still be able to head back to the workplace and continue about your day comfortably.

5. Vein Treatments Are Affordable.

For patients who are found to have significant underlying flow abnormalities in their superficial vein “trunks”, many treatments may be covered by commercial insurance carriers (Blue Cross, Aetna, United Health Care, etc) and Medicare. Coverage depends on the particular patient’s policy.

Generally coverage of vein treatment cost depends on requirements set by insurance carriers and often involves a trial period of “conservative management” for weeks to months before coverage for procedures such as endovenous ablation and sclerotherapy are approved.

That’s why it’s so critical for you to get the process started now so that there is plenty of time left to take care of your issues during this deductible year!

My staff and I work diligently to help patients receive the coverage they are entitled to.

We handle all insurance submissions for you.

For those patients who do not have coverable issues or do not have insurance/Medicare, we do our best to make your treatments as affordable as possible.

Payment plans are available. No patient is turned away for lack of coverage.

So…though you are confronted daily with many competing choices, some are no-brainers: addressing your chronic vein issues is one of them and the time is NOW!

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