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Decision, Choice & Vein Doctors: There Can Be Only One

Many of you know that I used to be an attending physician in an Emergency Department before I did more training…passed another board exam…and worked as a vein doctor…specializing in diagnosing and treating spider veins and varicose veins.

Many of my patients have asked if I missed being in the ER…missed the “excitement”…missed the variety.

Some aspects yes, some no,

On the Yes side: I miss the absolutely miraculous experience of instantly relieving troubles…pain, nausea, fear. The delicious taste of being right about a diagnosis and in a critical second making a fix that sends a loved one home with their family instead of…not. The list of plusses is long.

On the No side: I really dont miss the variety of drunken idiots and their various ways of being a nuissance before they vomit on me and/or my co-workers. Do you now wonder less about why ER docs wear scrubs instead of formalwear? The lists of minuses is also very long.

But…missing things is not the same as being rueful about things. I don’t regret my decisions one bit. I don’t regret my days in Emergency Medicine, I don’t regret the choice to change gears either.

Hmmm…that also brings up another philosophical point: decisions vs choices.

You: Waitaminnit Dr Dave…is there a difference between the two?!

Me: Turns out, there is…ahem…

Decisions are whittling away…like Jed Clampett on a piece of wood…at options…employing some logic…following some kinda algorithm maybe…until you are left with the path to take that suits you best. And like Jed, sometimes that path leads to “bubblin’ crude”…”texas tea”…and other times, just crawdads. Decisions require some thinking, reasoning.

Choice means selecting. That’s it. Sometimes you have more than one option, other times just the one. Choices require pointing and doing. Sounds simpler than “deciding” but way, way harder to do in practice.

OK…so let’s bring this closer to home. Many of my patients…especially the ones who are annoyed by chronic symptoms such as leg swelling, cramps, restless legs, tired/heavy legs…along with varicose veins and spider veins…have decided that it’s time to do something about it.

That’s great and all…but quite often there’s a gap…sometimes the size of the one between David Letterman’s front teeth…other times like the Grand Canyon….between Decision and Choice. That gap is really normal and understandable. Change…even for the better…is sometimes difficult to do. Inertia keeps the Voyager probe going off towards other galaxies…but it also keeps a moon rock in the same place for millions of years. Funny stuff, inertia.

“Inertia keeps the Voyager probe venturing off towards other galaxies…but it also keeps a moon rock in the same place for millions of years”

When circumstances were such that I went “solo”,  I had the opportunity to create not only a practice but a culture of how I wanted to care for and interact with patients. I wanted to have a place where patients feel that it’s a no-brainer to make a choice of where they wanted to receive their vein care. I followed a very simple guide with only one rule to follow: create a place that I would want to go to myself.

So…what would get me off my tush and onto the road to happier legs? What would be on my wish list of qualities in a vein treatment practice? Here they are:

So…those are the things that I thought would be key in creating the best experiences for my patients. You are free, and encouraged, to look around; refer to my checklist when you do. Unfortunately, [Spoiler Alert],none of the other places will have The Rosen Vein Care Difference.

I could keep typing about it until all I’m left with is some stubby nubbins for fingers…or…you can hear it from some of my patients themselves by looking at some testimonials ….or by watching a video.

Well Madam/Mister POTB…

I’m pretty sure I’ve given you some useful info to help you whittle away some decisions. If you need some more medical info, my website is chock-full-o’helpful information.

In the end, there can be only one…choice: RosenVeinlander.

Allright…a bit melodramatic…but I work hard to make sure you feel it’s one of the easiest & best choices you’ve ever made! I promise my vein skills are way better than my photoshop skills. And no…vein docs from the Chicagoland area don’t meet up and do battle until the last one standing reigns supreme. Not until The Gathering, anyway. [Wow, I’m such a nerd!]

And so we come to the end of another blog post. How about a recap?

If you’d like to get down to the nitty gritty about the costs of vein treatments, how about downloading my free and informative and did I say Free Guide To Vein Treatment Costs …click the button below.


If, on the other hand, you are ready to Chose to start down the road to happy, healthier legs right now…go ahead and call 847-272-8346

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