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(Early) New Year’s Resolutions & Vein Treatments

It’s officially Fall around Chicagoland; this year it looks like it might last longer than 5 minutes before we are inundated with snow. Even though there’s no snow on the ground…and it’s only October…it’s time for New Year’s resolutions.

For Jewish folk like me…our new year started in mid-September. It’s a time when one can “wipe the slate clean” and start over with a goal of elevating our game…spiritually and physically…over the course of the next year. When it comes to addressing chronic spider veins and varicose veins, it makes sense…for EVERYONE…to consider starting down the road to resolving them MONTHS ahead of January 1st. Here’s why:

Though we don’t look it, my assistant Maria and I are warriors of a sort. We don our scrubs and our figurative “swords of justice” every day and battle for Truth & Fairness with patients’ insurance carriers in order to get people the coverage they deserve. Unfortunately this is frequently a long, drawn out war.

The insurance carriers set it up to be a “war of attrition”. The carriers must figure that some people would just give up, walk off the battlefield and go home.

You see, patients…the ones who don’t read…ahem…fascinating blog posts like mine…are unaware that obtaining coverage can take months…you read correctly…MONTHS to achieve. And there’s no good reason for it. There is a logical reason, but it’s pretty nasty and cynical.

Imagine a patient who decides to see me on December 1st for consulation. If I find evidence for coverable problems, some insurance carriers may not even consider approving coverage until February or March! That’s long after the end of most peoples’ deductible year…typically December 31st. That means YOU would end up having to pay more and your insurance carrier would contribute less for your care. So if you look at the situation from the insurance carriers’ positions…it’s pretty logical…but nasty.

So it makes good sense…at least in the case of vein issues…to start in early on making and following through on this particular New Year’s resolution.

It all starts with a consultation appointment to determine the extent of your issues. Most people think that vein disease is “cosmetic”. That’s hype that your insurance carrier would love for you to believe. Unless some impish elves are sneaking into your bedroom and tatooing veins on your legs while you sleep, spider veins & varicose veins are MEDICAL issues. They can be caused by many factors…including genetics (which is part of why men as well as women get spider veins and varicose veins), pregnancies (which is why women can get more of them) and others. What we can sort out during your initial consultation is the extent of your issues and whether or not they may be coverable.

Many patients are surprised to learn that their spider vein treatment and varicose vein treatment may be covered by insurance carriers, including Medicare.

I am here to help make next year a happier & healthier one for your legs and you. Let’s start our New Year celebration now. I suppose you can even bring those funny hats and noise-makers to your consultation…but maybe hold off on wearing them in the waiting room.

So let’s recap:

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I look forward to meeting you and making this a happier and healthier year for your legs and you!

See you soon!

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