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Hobbies, Happiness &(spoiler alert):The Meaning of Life & Spider Veins

When I’m not in my comfortably-appointed office doing varicose vein treatments and spider vein treatments as a vein specialist in the North Suburbs of Chicago, I can tell you what I don’t do: I don’t shoot animals…endangered or otherwise.

My hobbies are far simpler and less violent….playing with my kids and, when nobody else stops me to do something else (which is rare), playing piano and reading. From a karmic standpoint, I have nothing to fear…other than the ghosts of Mozart and Beethoven stalking me for murdering their masterpieces.

Now…don’t get me wrong…this isnt necessarily a rant against hunting in general. With a background that includes a bit of biology I get the concept of population control…and when it’s not about trophy hunting but food procurement. But humans are among the rare creatures that will go after something just for fun…which, to me, is kinda creepy. I just think that energies can be better channeled tackling other challenges.

F’rinstance, if you want to demonstrate accuracy and precision, try…like I do… playing the game Kan Jam with your kids in the backyard.

Or how about a nice bike ride? No need to bring a rifle or go after unarmed, endangered creatures with this one…you just need the willingness to look goofy in a helmet. There is a bonus: you have unfettered freedom to wear stretchy pants… with padding for your fancy-parts…and nobody judges you when you do.

Just yesterday, my 2-year-old and I saddled up and took a ride to a local 7-11 to get some Slurpees. It really is amazing how a bit of pedaling and $1.29 can lead to such a pleasant experience.

I think…no, I’m sure…that we tend to complicate things when it comes to happiness. It’s really not a wonder in the 1st World: we’ve been bombarded by ads telling us exactly what to like since we were born. We jump on this consumerist Samsaric unicycle and feverishly try to work-spend-work our way through our days in an effort to achieve happiness before we topple over…and get up and do it again.

You were expecting some info about spider veins and varicose veins and instead you get treated to the meaning of life.

It’s actually pretty simple: we are here to increase happiness. The key is…the tough part is…figuring out what happiness actually means.

If, to you, it means blasting away at endangered creatures lacking Kevlar-coated fur…I’m pretty sure you’ve taken it in the wrong direction.

Instead, consider this…and this is coming from a highly trained physician…uber-trained…I stuck it out for 2 separate residencies, mind you…so pay attention:

Forget how many years…you actually have a finite number of breaths to spend in this life. Do you know what docs call the amount you breathe in and out? It’s a “tidal volume”. Yup, slowly breathing in and out sounds a lot like the tides of the oceans, doesn’t it? Like the oceans, the number of our tides are finite. Sadly…we get a lot less of them than the oceans do.

So, how shall we spend them then? I talk of breaths as currency because, when it comes down to it, they are pretty much the only thing we can guarantee holding onto from start to finish.

So…what’ll it be? Do we waste them on efforts that decrease happiness for us and those around us? That doesn’t make much sense.

I’m getting better at filling my “down time”…and as much of my “up time”,too…with things that generally try to increase happiness for me and those around me. I’m learning to save my breaths for words that tend to heal rather than hurt. It’s not always easy, but like Master Yoda said, “Do or do not. There is no try”.

When Im busy at work, Im typically either doing treatments or meeting with new patients in consultation. I budget an hour of time for each new patient and budget plenty of breaths to help teach patients about vein disease in general and about diagnosing and treating their specific issues.

I start every consultation with the same questions: “What’s been bothering you? What brings you to see me today?”

For most patients, their vein issues have plagued them for years. For some it’s the bothersome way the spider veins or varicose veins look. For many, it’s also about the progressively worseining symptoms which often include “heaviness”, “tired legs”, swelling, leg cramps, “restless legs”, chronic itchiness and more.

Most patients have reached the point where they feel unhappy or reluctant about doing things that they used to love to do…things that involve standing for long periods of time…or hobbies that involve wearing shorts, swimsuits. For others entering or re-entering the dating world, they are apprehensive about moments of intimacy.

Whatever has led to the unhappiness…my first goal, my first reassurance to my patients is that there are treatments…safe, effective, comfortable, affordable treatments…that I offer that may improve their symptoms and allay their apprehensions. Click on these links to learn more about Endovenous Laser Ablation, Clarivein® and Sclerotherapy.

I don’t know what happiness means to you, but if getting you there involves making your legs feel and look better…I’d love to help. Me and my assistant Maria will do everything we can to ensure that your time, money and breaths are well spent. Come with a list of questions…I love it. See you soon!

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