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Squad Goals…”Friends with Veinefits” in the North Shore

OK…so I tried the “Q&A” blog format per my internet guru’s recommendation, but in some ways I feel that it stifles my creativity. It’s kinda like telling Michaelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel with a rollerbrush and a bucket of beige paint. Yeah, it’ll get the job done, but…really?!

So, I’m back to my typical style…a cross between a Ted Talk and a Jon Stewart monologue…about the latest and greatest involving varicose vein treatments and spider vein treatments I offer in my vein clinic located in the north shore.

Our topic today is Squad Goals. Many of us have a core group of friends…our “Squad”.

Squads move to a rhythm of their own….a squad-sourced GPS… navigating through life’s tortuous roads. Modes of thought and fashion become intermingled amongst the squad. When one member discovers the next amazing thing, the texts start flying fast and furious.

Having been in practice diagnosing and treating vein disease for some years, I have had the good fortune of seeing patients referred to me by their friends. There is no better compliment and reinforcement about the quality of care I provide than such referrals. It means a lot to me and I do my utmost to ensure that each patient receives tailored, concierge treatment…safely, effectively, comfortably and affordably.

Other than my work as a clinician, I also spend time as an evangelist of sorts…getting the word out about the state-of-the-art, minimally-invasive treatments that I provide. Most patients…even most doctors…are unaware that modern vein care no longer relies upon surgical procedures. Everything I do is done in my comfortable office…using little or no local anesthetic…while chatting and listening to music (pick your favorite topic and genre).

I get the word out in various ways, including giving lectures, talks, lunch-n-learns and the like. I’m very happy to share my knowledge with you and your squad and would be happy to set up an Informational Session with 3-5 of your core crew.

In less than an hour we can go over some of the

FAQ’s about vein disease

and I’m happy to entertain any and all other questions.

If you’re a “Squad Leader” and you are interested in setting up an Informational Session, call 847-272-8346 and connect with my assistant, Maria Santana. Let Maria know that you want to set up a free Informational Session and she will help you find a time that works for all. Time and spaces are limited.

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