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(Vein Treatments) + (Sharing) = Rosen Vein Care-ing

When I first created the blog, I knew at the outset that I didnt want it to be solely about vein-related stuff. I spend a great deal of time discussing varicose and spider veins and reading about them and discussing them some more and performing varicose and spider vein treatments…but that’s not all there is to life.

What I love about what I do all day is that…unlike the life I led in the world of Emergency Medicine…I actually get to know about my patients…their work, their family, their interests. You are more than just your leg veins…and I love that about you! I am so fortunate to be able to spend so much time getting to know people. As much teaching as I do every day…I can honestly say that I have learned equally as much…if not more from my patients.

Since I started my solo practice 3 years ago, I have been a part of hundreds of patients’ lives…and they’ve been a part of mine. I’ve shared the birth of my littlest one, Mia…and I’ve unfortunately shared the passing of my father, Saul. Sharing such events, like sharing food, doesn’t diminish, but rather adds something almost magically beneficial for all those involved.

It’s probably why we all huddled together in caves….started cities….built civilization: we are only whole as individuals when we muddle through this crazy and often turbulent life together. It’s not a zero-sum game…it’s a game where the rules are: we are all headed for the same ultimate fate…why not make this trip as pleasant as possible for us all?

Kindness…the cost-free solution to most issues. Granted…it alone doesnt fix veins…but trying to be a kind physician makes the whole experience so much more pleasant for all. Kindness comes from empathy. Empathy comes from a willingness to share in an emotion.

One happy event that I’ve been sharing with my patients lately is my oldest child’s Bar Mitzvah. Exciting stuff. And when I say exciting, what I really mean is “anxiety-provoking, frenzy-making, upheaval-producing bedlam”. It’s like the purported Chinese curse of living in “exciting” times.

Yes, yes…it’s such a wonderful event. But like a wedding or other huge pre-planned family gathering, there’s just a lot of moving parts to the Rube Goldberg-like machine that you build in order to get the event to succeed. Come to think of it, maybe it’s not a Rube Goldberg machine…but more like a trebuchet that one creates in order to launch piles of cash into the ether.

So I share such stressful but wonderful experiences with my patients…and they share theirs with me. Part of what allows the sharing to happen is that, unlike many other practices offering spider and varicose vein treatments around Chicago, at Rosen Vein Care I’m the only one who performs the treatments: no PA’s, no nurses…just me. This is completely by design. I wanted my practice to have a motto of “The doc who meets you is the only one that treats you”.

Many varicose and spider vein treatment sessions last 30 minutes or so. They are all very well tolerated: comfortable,safe,effective. So comfortable, in fact, that many patients find it to be a relatively relaxing way to lay back, listen to music and “share”.

So…if you are looking to get rid of those spider veins and or varicose veins…avoid “assembly-line medicine”. Look for a place that treats people, not “legs”.

One way to figure out the best place for you is to look at the practice’s website…perhaps a testimonial page. Check out mine:

Rosen Vein Care Testimonials

Or perhaps a video explaining the essence of the practice. Check out mine:

Find out details about patient experiences. For instance, I give all my patients my cell phone number and tell them to call with any questions/concerns that arise.


Me: Right?! Ask your buddies who might have gone to “the other guys” if they had that sort of access. It’s what I expect from the docs I refer my family to; it’s what I feel is important to offer my patients.

Now, it turns out that I rarely get any calls…and when I do, I am generally just reiterating instructions or reassuring patients about normal aspects of the healing process. But the bottom line is, when a physician and a patient establish a professional relationship…it, like any other relationship needs a few key elements to ensure success:

So…if you are ready to make a commitment to yourself to have legs that feel and look better than they have in years, give a call to 847-272-8346 or Click the button below to have my assitantant Maria help you get on my schedule for a consultation appointment. We can usually get patients on schedule within 3 business days.

See you soon!

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