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What’s In A Name for a Chicago Area Vein Doctor’s Practice?

For me, being a doctor is really a privilege. I go to work each day in my Chicago area clinic devoted to treating varicose and spider veins on the legs, looking forward to seeing patients and helping them have legs that feel and look better. I have to admit it, but I actually have fun doing what I do! SclerotherapyEndovenous Laser AblationsClarivein® and more…all of it safe and effective and…yes…fun.

I’ve been a physician for a while now and went through quite a bit of training to get here…a bit more than most docs out there, in fact. I completed two separate residencies…Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine…and then did even more training in Phlebology, the field devoted to venous and lymphatic disease. Along the way, I picked up board certification in all 3 fields. I also have to admit that passing those boards wasn’t all that fun, but I feel it was a necessary step to demonstrate my commitment to maintaining a higher standard of care.

But…all of those years of schooling…all of those tests are only a part of what I think it takes to be an effective physician. A great doctor strives to understand patients and help them to make the best decisions regarding their care. It means providing enough time for each patient experience to be able to LISTEN to patients…to learn about their goals…their concerns…their fears…and to be able to help them work through solutions that are a perfect fit. It’s about caring for people, not just treating people.

That is the guiding mission at Rosen Vein Care.

One of my friends is pretty savvy about all things marketing. His advice to me was:

“Dave…you’ve GOT to change your business name! It needs to be something like ‘Vein Institute’ or ‘Vein Clinic’ or ‘Vein Specialist’…and you have to take the name Rosen off of it!”

As much as I appreciate the advice, I must respectfully decline. I chose the name of my practice for very deliberate reasons:

ROSEN…because that’s the only person who will provide your treatments: Me. While I’m sure that there are plenty of adequate “physician extenders” out there, I wanted to make my practice more personal…and, yes, I’m a bit of a perfectionist and control-freak when it comes to delivering patient care!

VEIN…that’s what I do…varicose and spider vein treatments.

CARE…yep, I do. A lot. To a fault [ask my accountant].

So, the name stays and my buddy just continues to shake his head.

While I understand his good intentions and educated opinion, it all comes down to my fundamental goal: I’m not here to be the biggest practice…or to be coast-to-coast. I’m here to provide the best experience for my patients…so I can go home each day continuing to feel proud to do what I do.

Sounds different than your average medical practice? Welcome to Rosen Vein Care.

If you are ready to take the first step down the road to legs that feel and look better than they have in years, call 847-272-8346 now and schedule your consultation appointment with me, Rosen…the one who Cares…about your veins and you.

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