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Wishes vs Dreams: House of Mouse and Varicose Veins of Legs

I’m in Disneyworld. The “House of Mouse”. Away from my own magic kingdom of varicose vein and spider vein treatments. And if you’ve never been to Orlando in August, it’s like walking through soup… and then sometime in the afternoon the sky erupts and a biblical rainshower ensues for about 15 minutes. That’s why we’re indoors now. While my kids watch some TV, I have a chance to do some blogging for your reading pleasure.

Today’s theme is Wishes vs Dreams. These are 2 words that are bandied about at Disney at every turn…but, in my opinion, there’s a major philosophical difference between the 2. The world of philosophy is like an ocean…today we’re just going to wade in to our ankles and splash around a bit. Don’t worry…we won’t go too far: the drop-off is a few feet from shore and it’s way way deep.

If I had to pick between wishes and dreams, I’d go with dreams.

A Wish seems to me to be a passive plea you send out to the Universe in hopes of some miraculous answer to a problem.

A Dream is a plan of action. It’s a script you write in your mind of how you want the drama of your life to play out, scene by scene.

As you may or may not know…I have a few young daughters. They’re at the stage where it’s “all princess, all the time”. Tiaras. Flowing dresses. Up-do’s. They are in heaven in Disneyworld. Having been forced to watch Disney princess movies daily for years…I’ve become overly familiar with the characters. I have to say that I have my favorites in terms of role models for my daughters.

I think there has been a natural progression from “wish-princesses” to “dream-princesses” over the years:

And then we skip ahead a few decades to the 80’s…and 90’s…and beyond:

So…given the choices…I want my girls to model after a Belle/Tiana/Merida combo platter. Dream big. Get off your tushy and stop wishing for the universe to bring a “prince” to save you. Dont kiss frogs, either: salmonella.

I have the same advice for my patients: stop wishing for better legs…dream up a scenario to get them feeling and looking better and then go make it happen. I can help you script that dream if you let me. It would go something like this:

Act I: The Consultation

During our 1-hour long consultation (covered by most commercial insurance carriers and Medicare), I take a throrough medical history; you are more than just your legs…and taking a holistic approach to your care allows us to determine the optimal treatment course for you. When appropriate to do so, an ultrasound exam is performed during the consultation to determine the extent of your venous issues: are they just at the surface or is the root cause lurking beneath? Once we know the extent of your vein issues, we can tailor a treatment plan to address them in a logical way. Many patients are surprised to learn that many treatments may be covered by commercial insurance and Medicare. But…the rules stipulated by insurance carriers/Medicare relating to vein care coverage often require 2-3 months before coverage (when possible) is approved. This is why I recommend patients to come for consultations without delay so we can start treatments within this insurance deductible year.

Act II: The Treatment(s)

Depending on the extent of your particular issues, there is an array of choices on how to address them. The best part is that surgery is pretty much a thing of the past.

Nowadays, procedures are all:

Results aren’t instantaneous, but over weeks/months both symptoms and esthetic concerns improve; often dramatically. See some of the results we’ve achieved in our
Before/After Gallery.

Act III: Routine Checkups/Maintenance

Patients often ask, “Don’t these things we treat just come back?!”

The answer I give is that the things we improved or removed are gone. But similar processes that led to those issues developing may still be happening. The key is that, excluding what happens with pregnancies, changes tend to occur slowly over time. Routine checkup visits allow us to address any new concerns early.


And if you are ready to take pen in hand and write the next chapter of your life…one where your legs feel and look better than they have in years…call 847-272-8346 or click the button below to schedule your initial consultation.

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